Luciene Torres de Mello Pereira


Working Paper

Of Cities and Slums

with Alexander Monge-Naranjo & Pedro Cavalcanticonditionally accepted, Journal of Political Economy

Capital Misallocation and Economic Development in a Dynamic Open Economywith Bruno Delalibera, Heron Rios & Rafael Serranosubmitted, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

Educational Outcomes and Enfranchisement

with Pedro Cavalcanti, Tiago Cavalcanti, Filipe Fiedler & Cezar Santos

Do Fiscal Rules Affect Growth?with Angélica Brum

Structural Transformation and Gender Gapswith Angélica Brum

Determinants of the Decline in Regional Income Inequality in Brazil

with Bernardo Coelho, Francisco Costa & Maurício Canêdo Pinheiro

Electoral Impact of Conditional Cash Transfers Programs: The Bolsa Família Experience

with Bernardo Coelho, Francisco Costa & Maurício Canêdo Pinheiro

The Effects of Labor Market Opportunities on Homicide Rates in Brazil

with Daniel Cerqueira & Rodrigo Leandro de Moura

Work in Progress

From Malthus to Malthus

with Bruno Delalibera, Alexander Monge-Naranjo & Pedro Cavalcanti

Credit Constraints and Labor Market Decisions of Youth in Brazilwith Solange Gonçalves, Cecilia Machado & Raquel Oliveira


Public Overspending in Higher Education

with Luiz Brotherhood and Bruno DelaliberaBulletin of Economic Research, 2022, 1-21

Publication in Brazilian Journal

Casamentos Seletivos e Desigualdade de Renda

(Assortative Mating and Income Inequality in Brazil)with Cezar SantosRevista Brasileira de Economia (RBE), 2017, 71(3), 361-377